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Surplus Pick-Ups Information

Disclaimer: At this current time, we are very short-staffed. In addition to this, supply-chain issues has disrupted our flow of incoming/outgoing items. We will attempt to accomplish your pick-up request in a reasonable amount of time based on our constraints. However, if we are unable to get to your pick-up within the time you wish, and you have the capabilities of dropping of your items with a departmental vehicle, you are more than welcome to do so. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

All of the surplus electronics and furniture that we process comes to us from the university. We cannot accept any personal devices or furniture.  We only accept items owned by BYU or select BYU affiliated organizations. If you work at BYU, and your department has something they would like to surplus, please follow the following guidelines so that we can get it off your hands in an efficient manner.

Electronics Surplus

Any and all electronics on campus are managed by your department's CSR. They are responsible for tracking the location and usage of your departments technology, and as such all surplus sent to us must be approved by the associated CSR first.​If you have electronic surplus, please contact your CSR regarding what it is you want to send in.  If he/she agrees, ask him/her to email with information regarding the type and quantity of surplus, as well as the location where it is to be picked up. Either we will come pick it up directly, or if it is a large enough quantity, the BYU moving department will come and pick up the surplus.

Furniture Surplus

The BYU Moving Department handles all furniture surplus from the University. If you have something you would like surplussed, please send an email to with a description of the item(s) and where they are located.

Important: Once an item has been sent to furniture surplus it is liable to be sent back to another department on campus or sold to the public at any time. Do not expect to ever see the furniture again, so be sure you want to surplus it before you notify the Moving Department.