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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

General Sales

  • Yes, you can. Any technology items can be purchased during our normal operating hours except for the day of the Monthly Sale when it is required to wait until the beginning of the sale.

  • No, we can only receive items from BYU or BYU affiliated services.

  • No, we do not buy items from the general public, also see the answer to the question above.

  • We do not offer returns or refunds, everything is sold as-is. All sales are final. For this reason we have testing stations set up so electronics can be tested before they are purchased.

  • All PC computer sales include any required cables and free mouse and keyboard if available (unless otherwise stated). PC Laptops come with their charger. With the purchase of an iMac, an older model apple keyboard and mouse may be available, otherwise a PC keyboard and mouse (which are compatible) will be offered.

  • We take cash, checks, credit cards, and Cougar Cash.

  • We are in the Ellsworth Building, 76 W 2230 N Provo, UT 84604, room 104.

  • Talk to your CSR, and if they approve it, email with a description of the surplus items, a building and room location, and a contact phone number.


  • BYU faculty, employees, and students with a physical valid BYU ID.

  • Yes, the first month rental fee covers employee labor in preparing the equipment for each rental, after the first month it is then prorated (only charged the number of days you have it).

  • As long as you remain a member of BYU faculty or a BYU student and pay the rental fees.

  • No, rental items are not for sale, and we do not have any rent-to-own policy.

  • Rental charges go through MyFinancialCenter in MyBYU, the same place you would pay tuition, and are placed at the beginning of each month.

  • We cover all problems except water damage and screen (or other) damage from dropping, smashing, or otherwise breaking the screen. You will be charged for those damages, but all other internal hardware issues are covered by your rental fee. If you experience any internal hardware issues, please contact us to repair or replace the damaged rental.

Monthly Surplus Sales

  • Generally each sale is on the third Thursday of the month, once a date is locked in, you can also see it here.
    Or you can sign up for our email newsletter (located at the bottom of the home page to sign up).
    The date of the Monthly Surplus Sale is subject to change.

  • We open up our warehouse at the announced start time (usually 4:00 PM), and people can walk through looking for items they would like to purchase. Entrance to the sale is at the lower front door. No one will be allowed to enter from the upper front door or the east door. Before the sale we form two lines based on numbered cards given out earlier in the day, one set of cards for BYU faculty, the other for the general public. The faculty line is let in first, followed by the other. The warehouse will be open for the duration of the sale, and at 6:00 PM all sales will close and the warehouse doors will be shut.

  • We hand them out in front of our office the day of the sale starting at 7:15 AM. No numbers will be handed out after 3 pm. Note that our front office is located on the bottom floor of the Ellsworth Building in Room 104. This front office is not the entrance to the sale. Please refer to the paragraph above for specific instructions on where to go at the start of the sale.

  • Anytime before the sale, but we recommend ten minutes before the sale starts at the latest or generally about 3:50pm

  • Anything listed on this website, as well as other unique items. We do not allow previews before the sale and we will not answer any questions about what may be available during a particular sale. However, we generally have electronics such as TVs, desktop and laptop computers, projectors, printers, and servers at every sale.

  • No, all other sales are postponed until the Surplus Sale, in order to prepare the warehouse.

  • Yes and no. You can buy any electronic surplus that is on this website the days before the Sale. However, all furniture items will NOT be available until the Sale (items in the hallway earlier in the week may not be there during the sale). Once the Sale starts, those items will become available for purchase. Any electronic items not sold during the Monthly Sale will be available the day after.

  • No, we sometimes offer general discounts, but none that are person or group specific.